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Let's talk about Rob (and Maple)

Empathy and relationship building skills help me collaborate and coordinate designs with my team

Who we are

Robert is a Product Designer with a wide set of transferable skills from a thirteen year career in Architecture behind him. His experience has led him to work on designs in a multitude of industry sectors including; Hospitality, Galleries, Residential, Archives, Religious, Government, Biotechnology, Retail and Education

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Product Designer (UX/UI)

Robert Campbell-Yeung

A former Architect with a career spanning over 13 years working in large, fast-paced multi-disciplinary teams and designing buildings across a wide range of sectors. A hard worker, I am well-versed in small and large team environments with the personable social skills to match. I am highly capable in design and collaboration scenarios, and I have worked extensively with industries outside of my own expertise to be able to collectively create a beautiful and viable design that meets both the business requirements and the end-users’ needs.

My career in Architeture has taught me many valuable skills which are directly applicable to the Product Design field. I have strong communication and story-telling skills which have helped me work effectively  with colleagues and consultants, as much as it has given me the ability to empathetically engage with local populations at public consultations.

CBO, Chief Biscuit Officer


A super sleuth with a waggy tail, Maple leaves no stone unturned when it comes to biscuit research. She has great attention to smells and impressive focus when someone is holding a ball, and will hold a sit until the ball is thrown.

She is an introvert and likes to work alone, but ultimately her curiosity and friendliness gets the better of her and she will join in on any team work.


Designing with integrity to benefit the end user.

In my architectural journey, integrity defined my commitment to ethical standards. Whether leading a team or designing, precision and honesty were paramount, ensuring the delivery of projects aligned with the highest professional and moral standards.


Creating through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

My career in architecture thrived on collaboration. Leading teams, coordinating designs, and engaging stakeholders showcased my ability to foster teamwork and integrate diverse perspectives. Open communication and shared goals resulted in successful, harmonious projects.


Using empathy to understand the end-users needs.

With a keen understanding of end-users, my approach is empathetic. From resolving public queries in a government role to coordinating designs that cater to user needs, empathy has been integral. It’s not just about structures; it’s about people and their experiences within them.


Want to know more?

Rob is a fun, empathetic team player who has brought his years of experience in Architecture, to Product Design. He likes to go for walks with his dog Maple, is a keen cyclist, an experienced skier who raced for his university team, was part of a Sunday sailing race team for four years and was captain of the Austrian National U20 Rugby team.

If you would like to get in touch with Rob to find out more about him, or would like to work with him (and maybe even Maple too), please email him at

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