Flaxmoss Chippy

A small family takeaway have aspirations to franchise their very successful business and expand across Lancashire. They want a website that will help them take orders from customers and also to tell a little bit of their story.

The Product

Flaxmoss Chippy's dreams of expansion start with a website for taking orders and to tell their story. The family had found that they were spending a significant amount of resources on taking orders over the phone and wanted to free up more time for cooking the food. Kevin and May had started the business themselves and their daughter is taking over the business who sees the potential for the dream to grow.

The Finished Website

The website for Flaxmoss Chippy will help Emily, expand and franchise out the business. The family spend a lot of time on the phone taking orders and answering queries about the menu And having a website that will allow the family to take online orders and also give end users the opportunity to look through the menu will free up significant time for them to cook up all the orders. Below are a few select pages from the website for desktop and as seen on your phone.

Below are a selection of screens taken from the website, click on one to see the image in isolation.

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