Cycle Shop app

A small chain of cycle shops is looking to compete with a large specialist bike shop that has moved in next door. They want an app with a new set of features to broaden their appeal to a wider user base and increase revenue.

The Product

The first of three projects I completed for the Google UX Design Professional Certificate, I've designed a sequence for an app for a cycle shop. With a cargo bike specialist having moved in next door, the cycle shop was looking to increase their product offering and revenue stream by adding subscriptions for bikes and maintenance plans.

The Finished Product

Anecdotal feedback from the final usability study, showed that users liked having the ability to decide how they would own a cargo bike. They felt that there was less pressure on them upfront as they could opt to only rent/subscribe to the bike for 12 months and the cost included a basic maintenance plan which helped encourage them to buy the cargo bike. By taking the pressure off the user to learn how to maintain a bike, or to send the bike in from maintenance every now and then and at great expense made the user more comfortable with such an expensive purchase.

Below are a selection of screens taken from the app, click on one to see the full image.

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