The Meal Plan app

Designed to help bridge the gap between recipes and planning meals with flexibility to fit into the life of the user. The app partners with published or influencer chefs to allow them to post unique receipes and related videos to engage with their fans.

The Product

This project was inspired by the chaos that I encounter with meal planning and organising the respective shopping for it. The Meal Plan app aims to make meal planning and buying the necessary ingredients easier by allowing the user to shuffle meals around their plan with ease. The Meal Plan partners with grocery stores to allow the user to export their meal plans's respective shopping list, directly into the stores own app or web app to allow seamless shopping experiences and take the stress away of arranging the shopping. Additional functions also include the ability to digitise recipes from hard copy recipe books, and also auto updating of shopping lists when adding a meal to your plan.

AI in the Background

Helping users mitigate chaos in their lives by providing the means to digitise and streamline access to their cookbooks. The app uses AI to identify text and images to create digitised recipes, and break down that information to group the Ingredients, method and additional notes within the recipe.

The Finished Product

By opening up the app to partnerships, both with grocery stores and with published chefs, The Meal Plan provides a unique experience for users to be able to connect with their favourite authors and also for publishers to be able to boost sales of their recipe books by being able to create special features that can be avtivated by the user purchasing and linking the book to the app.

Below are a selection of screens taken from the app, click on one to an enlarged image.

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